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A low-code SaaS platform for building and managing consumer-facing interfaces for IoT devices.

How we help?

With our easy-to-use solution, you can create a kiosk-like interface for your entity and:

  1. Add payments
  2. Manage tariff
  3. Connect using our open-source clients
  4. Get reviews
  5. Provide frequently asked questions
  6. Community
Add payments

Add payments

Integration with payment gateway platforms. Own your payment flow using the platform-specific dashboard.
Manage tariff

Manage tariff

Manage paid actions for your entity, share them using tariff cards
Connect using our open-source clients

Connect using our open-source clients

We provide API clients in various languages. Moreover, we also share OAI spec so that you can also generate your clients.
Get reviews

Get reviews

Get ratings and reviews from your users with every order.
Provide frequently asked questions

Provide frequently asked questions

Create the first line of defense in your customer support by adding FAQs to your entity.


Connect with the community, share and explore new device ideas with the world. Let us bring the future closer.

Easy to Get Started

  • 01

    Design a catalog card and add it to your entity on the platform

  • 02

    Connect your entity using our sdk available for multiple platforms and languages

  • 03
    Earn and support

    Manage your earnings and provide support to your customers of your deployed entities by creating FAQs and using our support and sales dashboards

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